J A N A   M A R I E   C A R I D D I


 2011-2015     Savannah College of Art and Design- Savannah, GA
                       *BFA in painting

2007-2011      Morris Knolls High School- Rockaway, NJ

2008             Parson’s School of Design- New York, NY
                       *Drawing, design, and portfolio development class

2001-2003    Joe Kubert School of Cartooning- Dover, NJ
                       *Drawing class


2018              Artist in ASO Artist Residency, Aso, Japan
                     *50 day awarded artist residency with stipend

2018              GlogauAIR Artist Residency, Berlin, DE
                     *3-month live-in artist residency

2018             Takt Artist Residency, Berlin, DE
                     *3 month live-in artist residency

 2011-2015    Savannah College of Art and Design- Savannah, GA
                      Artistic award yearly scholarship, Deans list
                      *Foundation studies excellence award
                      *Awarded studio space junior through senior year


2018- current   Freelance Artist, Berlin, DE
                         *various art events for Bombay Gin
                         *design work, commissions

2019-current      VIP KID *ESL teacher, Berlin, DE

2019                  Art instructor for children’s workshop- ASO, Japan
    *teaching art classes to children during a 50 day artist residency

2017-2018         Satsuma Café, New Orleans, LA *Manager in hospitality

2016-2017         Elizabeth on 37th, Savannah, GA *hostess/hospitality

2015                  Savannah College of art and Design featured artist- Savannah, GA
    *live painting and promoting SCAD at various major/minor fairs


2019 Be’kech, Berlin, DE
*Artist talk

2018           Kumamoto City, Japan
                  *Artist in ASO group exhibition

2018           GlogauAIR Artist Residency- Berlin, DE
*Installation at open studios event

2018            R_1992, Berlin, DE
*Artist collective group exhibition

2018            Takt Tapir Gallery: Berlin, DE
                    *The Belly of the Whale: Artist residency group exhibition

2018            Hi Volt, New Orleans, LA
                    *Shores of Perception: Group exhibition

2017            Bud Rips- New Orleans, LA
                    *Juice: Group print exhibition

2016            Gallery Espresso- Savannah, GA
                    *Mac n' Sleeze: Solo Exhibition

2016            Sulfur Studios- Savannah, GA
                    *Art Decko: Skateboard deck silent auction

2016            The Florence- Savannah, GA
                    *Youth Soup: Solo exhibition                                                                                                                                                                                
2015            Sulfur Studios- Savannah, GA
                    *Cats Cradle: group exhibiton

 2015            Jelinek Creative Studios- Savannah, GA
                     *Paramnesia: group exhibition

 2011-2015    Alexander Hall open studio event- Savannah, GA
                     *Painting and installation

 2014             Safe // Sound- Savannah, GA
                      *Are We Content?: group show

2014              Sicky Nar Nar- Savannah, GA
                     *Sketchbook Show: group show

 2012             Savannah Arts Center- Savannah, GA
                      *Southern Lights: group show

 2011              Blackwell Gallery- Morristown, NJ
                      *Juried exhibition


2014-2015    Paintings purchased by SCAD permanent collections